The college faculty are committed to practicality, which means they are consistently current and topical in their teaching. They bring not only experience but rigour to their programmes. They understand the challenges students face, they have faced them themselves and are well placed to help students to meet those challenges head-on. Our distinguished Professors are knowledgeable in their recognized areas of academic expertise. They are in touch with modern educational techniques which aims to substantially improve students’ learning outcomes through the creative use of technology. Our well-qualified and accessible staff are committed to working with students and providing the very best in modern, research-informed education. The college enjoys a vibrant culture focused on a number of key areas and is supported by excellent facilities.

The management has taken immense care of the most important category in building up an Educational Institution and to accomplish this desire, has prioritized faculty as an invaluable resource and asset. Hence, inducts the best qualified, committed and experienced teaching and non teaching staff. The faculty takes the responsibility of transforming theory into real life experience by creating a highly stimulating and interactive environment for studies and offers an array of challenging Career building programs. Both verbal & written feedback is obtained on teaching effectiveness.

The Group of colleges known for the Quality Teaching, Academic Excellence & maintenance of standards which is reflected through its evident results, thereby became prominent and touched the pinnacle of glory.

Total Faculty

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