Mother Teresa PG College

Our PG college environment allows you to be the best you can be. We’re a large college with students who are ambitious, risk takers, and make great things happen. Our faculty is determined for consistently outstanding outcomes, with very high proportions of students going into highly skilled employment or further study. The college campus offers high-quality teaching spaces, informal learning spaces, lecture theatres and outdoor spaces. Our courses integrate the latest developments in your subject area with current professional, industry or commercial practices to make sure you have the knowledge and skills wanted by employers. The modules of our courses focus on making some form of impact through scenario/live projects, to deliver research projects for business-driven problems. Our campus is embed with the values of reflective action learning and cultivating a camaraderie culture. Whether you want to advance to a leadership role or run your own business, you will gain the knowledge, self-confidence and skills to develop new projects and ventures and champion innovation.

The course modules deal with broad range of business topics and the fundamentals of management and leadership. We foster your entrepreneurial spirit, so you can build sustainable, resilient business models that make sense to shareholders and the environment. You explore the impact of internationalisation on businesses, suppliers and customers and gain the skills to lead in increasingly demanding marketplaces. Students benefit from a wealth of expertise and experience in the classroom and can form lasting connections. Our light and spacious teaching areas allow to foster the business leaders of the future, using their creativity, innovation and ethical awareness to solve the many challenges that the international business world continues to present.

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